Why You Are Not Accomplishing Your Goals

Why You Are Not Accomplishing Your Goals

(1)    Focus

(2)    Hard Work and Persistence

(3)    Organization

 If you can master these three things, you can accomplish your goals as magic. I know you have been reading and watching articles about personal development but, nothing is changing or the change is very slow. By focusing on these three things on every task you planned to do, you will start seeing your life changing. This is my experience from my own life and from the conclusion I drew through highly effective articles, videos and courses. We all have the information on how to get better in our lives but we can’t practice them effectively.

(1)    Focus: Today we complicate things ourselves, we are not at ease, we ramble around, confuse ourselves and go unconscious. Our major problem is multitasking which bring degradation in our consciousness. Practice consciousness in whatever you do, with your five senses and energy then, you are good to go. When you have many goals, even if you write them down which is very helpful, try to focus on one with all your senses and energy only, then try the next one. By during that, you will be more successful and fast in whatever you are doing. Start now, take a goal and focus on that goal only. Then go to next step.

(2)    Hard Work and Persistence: This step is what most people have trouble on. Persistence is the key to success. No matter how hard you tried for sometime if you are not persistent. We have three types of people here. Those that are curious about what they do. These people have automatic motivation from their inner selves. If you are always curious, then you don’t have problem with persistency. The second type of people is those that must be motivated to work harder. These people should focus on getting motivated daily and try to make what they do their passion. The third type are those that find it very difficult to even get motivated to doing things. These people should use affirmation techniques like I love what I do or I will do this because of this, I will get this if I accomplish this. This will trick their brain to work hard. If this doesn’t work, they should meet a therapist for medication. Another tip that will make you do things is to prepare for those things. As you wake up, make your bed, take shower and clean your environment. Get the things that will let you get started for your tasks. 
(3)    Organization: With step one and two, you are good to go but to be fast and more professional, organize what you are trying to do. Write down your goals, pick which one to start first, have a clear goal of what you want to achieve at the end of the day, plan the processes you have to use for maximum output. Following this is also a motivation and one of the happiness keys.  Be smart in organizing your tasks in prior order. Set time limit for each task and an extra time so that everything will flow smoothly.


So, stop or minimize watching or reading article about personal development and practice what you’ve got.