How to Achieve All Your Goals With These Steps

How to Achieve All Your Goals With These Steps

(1)    Prepare Yourself
(2)    Get your To-do list
(3)    Set Little Goals Per Day
(4)    Set Datelines  
(5)    Take Away All Distractions
(6)    Be Grateful

(1)    Prepare Yourself: Get up early, make your bed and do all your morning routines. Set time for all these. May be an our is enough for you, set that. Then prepare your body. Exercise for at least 5 minutes, meditate and pray. Now you are ready for the day.

(2)    Get Your To-do list: More appropriately, write your To-do list before you sleep. Look through it and let your mind know that you are completing these tasks and then get started. To be more serious about the matter, write the To-do list on a piece of paper and be working along with it.

(3)    Set Little Goals Per Day: For goals that require time, set little tasks per day. Goals like creating a YouTube video or programming or any big task that requires time. By during this, you are more likely to finish a task and get more confidence for the next task. But if the tasks are small, set five per day or think of a good time for each task and set the number of tasks for the day.

(4)    Set Datelines: For every task measure and set dateline. That will psychologically tell your brain that you need to complete this task before a certain period of time. Even if you are unable to complete that task for the specified period, set another dateline, you are just starting, no problem but, try to see how you can overcome that.

(5)    Take Away All Distractions: Turn off Your mobile phone notification, get a quite environment favorable for your work, get all what you need near you and get yourself ready for only that task. You will see that you can complete a lot of tasks by during this. Don’t forget to be conscious and focus all the time. That’s the number one productivity rule.

(6)    Be Grateful: When you complete a task, it’s like you won a game so, you need to be grateful. That’s a source of self-esteem and self-confidence. You’ll feel more enthusiastic and curious on whatever you do. Successful people are always grateful.


The aim of these lessons is to take action. If you will be reading posts like this day after day but you are not taking any action, you will never succeed. As you read this, stop whatever you are doing and start now if it means something to you more than how you are now in your life.
Don’t forget, we always keep our lessons short to show you that taking action is what matters not getting a vast information. You can buy an action planner at Amazon with this link