No Nut November 2019


No Nut November 2019

No Nut November is a challenge of abstaining from ejaculation for the entire month of November. Say no to porn, masturbation, sex and other activities that will trigger ejaculation.

The Rules

(1)    No masturbation
(2)    No porn
(3)    No sex
(4)    No any ejaculation

How to get started

First, I want to make a disclaimer that I’m not responsible for any of these activities. Make sure you can practice it before you start because it has some consequences and don’t worry if you can’t do it because, I will be sharing a sub No nut November which is an alternative to No Nut November but, very effective too. 

These steps should help you get started.

(1)    Get your way off any ejaculation causer: Porn videos, romantic music, partying and related activities are examples of this. The reason you get yourself off this is to make sure you stay out of any kind of ejaculation. There are videos that will make you want to masturbate or have sex and parties that get you up. So a better approach is to get yourself out of all these.

(2)    Practice Meditation and Prayers: Spiritual activities make you stay calm and focused. Go out and experience the nature, go to the beach and practice mediation, stay and say your prayers. That will make you experience yourself more and stay aware from external activities. As you do all these daily during the month, you’ll get the maximum benefit out of this challenge. Your life will change, you’ll get more control of yourself and experience the universe in a very critical way.

(3)    Master gratitude and Reward: One of the most effective ways to motivate yourself is to reward yourself. Do that at the end of each day. Think of what you’ve done as not been easy and you tried to do it anyway. That’s awesome, I can accomplish what I want to accomplish! May be you don’t usually eat something except on occasional basis, so go out and get that thing as a reward.

Benefits of No Nut November

(1)    You will have control of your life. You can do what you what, when you want and how you want. It’s a training which will change your life to the next level.
(2)    You will develop patience. Patience is not part of everyone. But with this challenge, you can develop it as you use your will power to not do something you desire.
(3)    Relaxation and Calmness: You’ll be more focused during the challenge, so it will help you experience the nature. Meditation relaxes the mind and Nature get you know more about the universe and your inner self.
(4)    Your testosterone level will increase. So, you’ll get more energy afterward.
My Advice

To those that can’t participate in this challenge, I have a sub No Nut November for you.
The rule is simple, just practice No Nut November during the day and break the rules at night. That will get you started. 


A remainder. I’m not responsible for any of these without the guidance and capability. So stay out of trouble and quit when you notice that it will adversely affect you. Best of luck