How to trick yourself in doing anything

 How to trick yourself into doing anything

(1)    Be curious
(2)    Prepare yourself
(3)    Have a clear goal
(4)    Set dateline
(5)    Be grateful
(1)    Be curious: A person is curious about something when he is passionate about it. For example, when you are passionate about blogging, you’ll feel a sense of doing it. You’ll be eager to write articles, get the latest trends and more about blogging. When you are curious about science, you are always solving problems and asking yourself questions. So as every other vertical. Someone will say, how can I get curious about what I do or what I want to do? There are two different types of people. Those that are already into something and those that are looking for something to do. If you already have something doing, then you already have passion on what you do, the only thing is to maintain that and the way to do that is to always think about the end goal. For example, If blogging is what you do, figure out what drives you into that and think about it more clearly. That will make you curious to be publishing articles. For the second person who is looking for something to involve himself in, find what attracts you and start doing that, then follow the first process to retain it.
(2)    Prepare yourself: Something that will help you significantly do what you want is to set yourself ready to do it. For example, in the morning as you wake up, make your bed, exercise your body and make the environment that you want to work with clean and tidy. That will trick your brain psychologically to do everything you wish to do. Another thing is to get whatever you need for that task. May be if you are to write an article, get off your computer, and internet connection or if you create videos, get your camera ready, get your video editor and more.
(3)    Have a clear goal: If you want to achieve anything in life, set goal. That will psychologically tell your brain that I want to do this, I prioritize this, I want to accomplish this. Write down all your goals clearly. Say exactly what you want at the end of the day. Review the goals time to time so as to get motivated. Imagine yourself achieved that goal. How would it look like? If your goal in life is being happy and wealthy then, find ways of doing that. For example, you can set meditation, relaxation and prayer for happiness and for wealth, get something doing that will be your source of income. Just try to sell your skills or master a new one.
(4)    Set dateline: Setting limit to your goals helps you put more effort toward achieving them. After you have all you need to achieve your dream goals, then there comes the dateline which determines your natural curiosity. If you are curious and less distracted then, sky is your limit in achieving whatever you want in life. As you write down your goals, you should add dateline to every single goal. Say you want to start a successful Youtube channel. You get your camera or the tools for creating your videos and all you need, then to set dateline, figure out how many hours would it take me to create a video and edit it, how frequent should I create my videos and other factors within your goals. By doing that, you can set dateline and try to make it.
(5)    Be grateful: Gratefulness is a powerful technique that will make you happy as you accomplish your goals. Practicing gratefulness especially after your day, will make you go an extra mile upon what you normally do and that is what you want. After you are done for the day. Feel from your heart that today is powerful, I did this and this and that. You will be amazed by what you would do tomorrow.
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