Best way to study anything

Best method to study in 2019

1. Preview The Content and Divide the Course into Parts:  This is the first step to your journey to mastering a course. By knowing what to study, you’ll definitely know how to structure it into parts. May be you need to know this topic before you understand the next topic, so you need to study the first one first and so on. Remember, preview all the course and divide it into parts.

2. Arrange the Divided Parts in Order: We already discussed that in (1), so we won’t repeat it here.

3.  For each Part, Read, Make Note as Summary:  This step is the most critical one. The work lies here. After you are done with the (1) and (2) now, you know all you need to study. The first thing to do is to read and understand the topic with concentration and logic. Take up the important things and stick them to your mind. The aim of this part is to understand the topic and grab the concept. The second thing is to make a concise note from what you have studied on that topic. In this part, you should only take note of the important things not all the topic. This will allow you to reinforce what you have learned and it also serves as a remainder when you come back to it later.
4.  Check if there is any Confusion and Clear it:  Review what you’ve studied for any confusion, doubt mistake or misunderstanding. If there is google and clear it, search other books or consult someone better that you. By during this you will be confident on this topic more than anyone one in your class.

5.  Ask Yourself Questions on the General Concept of that Topic:  Ask yourself questions from every angle of that topic. Believe me, if you are able to answer those question correctly, you are good to go for exercises under that topic. Note that when you don’t do all these, you can still workout the exercises but you will not gain anything for excellent performance. At some points, you still need to get back to your books and try to do the same as these steps, so it’s better for you to do them now.
 6. Practice What You’ve Learned:  After completing those steps, what will solidify you under that topic and make you confident enough on this topic is to practice some exercises. You should at least, practice 30 door depending on the subject and the topic but in general, I think is fine. After that then, try and answer questions daily which at least be one per day on that topic.

I recommend you to read this book, Learning How to Learn: How to Succeed in School Without Spending All Your Time Studying; A Guide for Kids and Teens from Amazon. It will change your life in how you study new things.

So do this for every topic and see how you will master everything on earth. Remember to study with concentration, memorization and logic. By during that, you will be better that anyone and you are genius. I wish you best of luck.