7 Successful Life Routine that will Change your Life

Successful life routine

1.   Body exercise
2.   Reading and learning new things
3.   Problem solving and critical thinking
4.   Business and getting money to live
5.   Socializing with people
6.   Sleeping well
7.   Helping others

(1)    Body exercise: Exercise reduces stress and anxiety. A lot of research and tested practices from individuals reveal that body exercise increases dopamine which reduces stress and anxiety. It also helps your brain to stay sharp. All exercises are included but some of which have been proven to be more effective are walking, basketball, and long distance running.

(2)     Reading and learning new things: You see reading has a lot of benefits from increasing concentration, sharping your brain to getting the vast knowledge out of the book you read.
Someone would say, what am I going to read? Read what you are passionate about. It may be science, Languages, Art or any other field. Consistency is the key here.

(3)    Problem solving and critical thinking: Be challenging yourself in every way you can and try to get it out. If you are cooking, try and make a game. Do everything smartly and sensibly. Thing on it despite the fact you it’s soothing that don’t need that. Be memorizing names, numbers and things you encounter. You will be amazed by how smart you will be.

(4)    Business and getting money to live: Get a business idea and go forward to solving that problem. You will get money, feel happier and help other people. How to get that business idea? Get it from what you are passionate about. Say you are a scientist, you can implement new things, write new books or even help other people to pay you.

(5)    Socializing with people: According to some research conducted, socialization yield a lot of benefits. It reduces anxiety and fear, enlarges brain and reduces depression. Make friends, have fun with your family.

(6)    Sleeping well: Sleeping 7-8 hours in every 24 hours is a healthy life style especially. Quality sleep is usually during the night from 8:00pm – 5:00Am. During that period, the environment dark and no much noises. That’s what your body needs.

(7)    Helping others: You see, when you are successful, the next thing is to help others be successful too. Through writing, coaching or advising, you will help a lot of people get better in their lives. You can do that online as I do or offline.