Rules of Socialization

Rules of Socialization

1.      Make friends with smart and fun people

2.      Socialize later during the day

3.      Don’t socialize all the time

(1)    Make friends with smart and funny people: Those that are both smart and fun are the best friends to socialize with as they give you more joy in an enjoyable way. From that, you can learn to be smart too.  Those that are just fun, can give joy but it breaks sometimes. In either case, it’s proven to decrease depression. Try it and see, you will be amazed. The practical application of this is when you have an intellectual task to complete letter during the day then, you refresh your brain more by socializing.

(2)    Socialize later during the day: The benefit of socializing latter during the day is a lot. The day is divided into two, the first period for completing priorities and major tasks and the second one for doing minor tasks. So, you can use advantage of socialization to even complete bigger tasks letter during the day. Time like after 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm is the best time for socialization. The rest of the subsequent time could be for other tasks from your to-do list.

(3)    Don’t socialize all the time: Socializing all the time would program your brain to be an active socializer. which if it’s not the profession you are, can hinder you from completing your daily tasks. I advise you should socialize at most, twice a day.



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