How to be Truely Happy

                                      How to be Happy

(1) Do what you need to do

(2) Show your gratitude

(3) Have a successful daily routine

(4) Be organized

(1)    Do What You Need to Do:  Don’t procrastinate. Make sure you complete all from your to-do list. Your business or daily tasks, personal development and proper socialization. That will make you feel that today is powerful. Say, starting a YouTube channel is part of your To-do list and you accomplished that. Then, you will feel confidence and happy.

(2)    Show Your Gratitude: If you express your gratitude for what you have achieved, then you are more likely to be happier. Think of all you have done, don’t think of your failure too much after the day as that would make you get bored but, if you think of it earlier in the morning before your To-do list, that will make you correct your mistakes. You can also reward yourself for what you have achieved.

(3)    Have A Successful Daily Routine: The more you organize your day in the smartest way, the more you feel confidence. You hear from your inner friend, your mind, that it’s great, am very smart, am genius, am clever. And by feeling all those, you will feel happier and great.


if you want additional knowledge on top of this, I recommend The Happiness Equation: Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything.

Someone could say how can I get started, well, follow these simple steps.

- Plan your To-do list a night before your next day.

- Start your day early while you have more energy to get things done.

- Set your priority right.

- Always think of the best thing to do.